Sunday, February 10, 2013

The role of women in 1950's advertising

While setting up this blog, I decided I needed a new user icon for my profile page. I decided, since I am the mom and housewife of the duo, that my icon should reflect that. As I was perusing pictures of moms and housewives, I came across the picture I ultimately used. 
When I pulled up the larger view of the image, I cracked up. It was just hilarious to me and so typical of 1950's advertising. This woman is in her kitchen, twirling about (judging from her skirt), with a blissful, almost psychotic look on her face. Is it an ad for appliances, cleaning products, or pharmaceuticals? 
What could she be saying? "I LOVE this kitchen, bitches!"
Or perhaps it's "Valium - behold the fucks I do not give!"
Anyway, I chose this picture because A) this is how I hope I feel when my kitchen diy is complete.
And B) this is also how I felt the last time I had valium. 

But that's a whole other story.

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